Kolaches are traditionally Czech Pastries with a lemon poppy filling or a spicy sausage (which is technically called a klobasnek, but we're in St. Louis so we'll say it our way). They found their way to Texas and started to spread. I hope you enjoy my creative twists on an old recipe!

I've been a baker for many years, choosing this field primarily so I couldn't be replaced by a robot. Turns out I love to bake, and when I discovered kolaches I knew they were my future.  There isn't a more perfect package than a kolache- sweet and soft dough, endless filling options, and totally portable.  Why are Lil' Mama's the best kolaches in town? They're bigger, fancier, and made with locally sourced ingredients!

It doesn't stop at kolaches! I make a variety of tasties: danish braids, cheese/fruit stollen, lil' donuts, gourmet brownies, doggy treats, and more!  Check out the gallery: 

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